Iron Maibock, «The Number of the Yeast»

“Woe to you, O Worts and Beers, for the Devil sends the yeast with froth, because he knows the lag time is short…
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the yeast, for it is a White Labs number, its number is Five hundred and sixty six”

I brewed alone, my hops smelled dank
I needed beer to drink to get the memories from my mind
What did I brew? Could I believe
That what I brewed that night was real ale and not fantasy?
Just what I saw in my old ales
Were the refractometer readings staring back at me
‘Cause in my beer it’s always there, the evil smell that hits my nose
and brings me to dispair

The mash on track, was no use holding back
Cause I just had to pee, was someone watching me?
In the grist, dark grains just move and twist
Was all this ale real or just some kind of helles?
Five-six-six, the number of the yeast
Helles and bayer were spawned to make you pleased

Burners balzed and recipes were phrased
Speidel starts to cry, fountains to the sky
In the night the wort is turning bright
The boiling has begun, Rager’s work is done
Five-six-six, the number of the yeast
Brewing light is going on tonight

This whirlpool will not do, I’m getting too much trub
Can this ale be real or just some crazy beer
But I feel drawn towards fermenting worts
They seem to mesmerize, how the yeast lock burps
Five-six-six, the number of the yeast
Five-six-six, the one for you and me

Got my hop back, the taps are turned
And I possess ‘nough hops to make your taste buds burn
I have the grain, I drink Dark Force
I have the brew to make my evil take its course

by Gahr Smith-Gahrsen


Om superwacs
Been there, done that!

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